Saturday (2021) – by Cathy Westby

And here we standAnd here we liveStillShell shocked, heart bruised, exhaustedBy the losses we have witnessedAnd the pain we have felt. We hold tight,White-knuckledTo the promise of tomorrow.We declareThrough gritted teethThe faithfulness we know to be true And tomorrow will comeWith its bright new freedomsAnd hope for aheadWe will sing, and laughAnd dance together again.Even… Continue reading Saturday (2021) – by Cathy Westby


My friend Stuart Ryland, 1969-2020

Today was the funeral of my friend Stuart Ryland.  Stu was a great friend and Christian brother and his passing has devastated me. Stuart’s younger brother Andrew has been one of my best friends since I was 7, so for many years I saw him mainly as ‘my mate’s big brother’.  Stuart was always nice… Continue reading My friend Stuart Ryland, 1969-2020

Homelessness, Personal

My cousin and the bitter cost of drug addiction

This weekend, I was on the BBC1 programme Sunday Morning Live (see on BBC iPlayer, 24 mins in) discussing homelessness and begging. I was on the programme because I disagree with the view of journalist Matt Broomfield who believes people should give 'directly and unconditionally' to people who are begging. Experience  My views on this issue have been… Continue reading My cousin and the bitter cost of drug addiction