Contribute an article

I am keen to publish articles from other people on how the Christian faith relates to transformation and social justice.  

In the last 11 years, over 180 articles have been published on Grace+Truth by guest writers.

Please get in touch if you have an idea. It would be great to hear from you.

Some brief guidelines:

  • All proposed articles should ideally be around 600-700 words
  • I am interested in book reviews relevant to the blog’s theme
  • I reserve the right to edit article but will always do this in consultation with the author
  • I am not interested in articles which are simply vehicles for promoting products
  • Please send proposed articles to Jon Kuhrt on

3 thoughts on “Contribute an article”

  1. Well (god) bless rev Molpesson and all those villagers for their courage…and instinctive love and sacrifice for their fellowman.
    What a pity their “god of luv who created all things” sent nasty vicious evil virus in first place – ..
    And do nt try justify cos of mankind’s “original sin” – apart from the many loopholes in this fable, if u believe it then you hav to admut we are being punished by a loving forgiving god for something that happened at leasr 6000 years ago!
    Wake up and smell thr coffee…


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