The Amos course

Are you part of a home group at your church?  Looking for some resources to help explore what the Bible says about poverty and injustice?

Amos: God’s Word to a World of Injustice

Welcome to G+T‘s 6 session course on the book of Amos. No biblical book has a clearer and sharper message about injustice than Amos.  The aim of this series of small group sessions is to grapple with the challenge of Amos in today’s world.

I wrote the course originally for the home groups at Streatham Baptist Church, South London but then adapted them for wider use and have since been done by many different churches in a wide range of contexts.

You can access the notes for the 6 sessions below.  On each page you can download a version of the notes in MS Word to make them easier to print out and use.

Jon Kuhrt

The 6 sessions in this study: 

Study Title Chapters
1 A world of injustice Amos 1 & 2
2 The kind of religion that is part of the problem Amos 3 & 4
3 Lament and repentance Amos 5
4 Pride, politics…and prophecy Amos 6 & 7
5 Justice and judgement Amos 8
6 Putting the world to rights Amos 9

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