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When arrogance is institutionalised

The report into the behaviour of the Church of England Minister Jonathan Fletcher was published by the safeguarding agency 31:8 this week.  It is a devastating catalogue of coercion, control, bullying and abuse carried out by someone held in such esteem within the conservative evangelical world.   The report reveals Fletcher’s penchant for dishing out… Continue reading When arrogance is institutionalised

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What the Church can learn from addicts

In my last job, I was based in a church building which hosted a huge range of 12 Step recovery groups in its basement.  The most famous of these is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), but there were also groups specifically for people struggling with many of the compulsive behaviours that Brand lists above. Disarming In my… Continue reading What the Church can learn from addicts

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St Patrick and the power of the gospel

I will never forget being in Sydney in March many years ago and being part of a huge green party.  A city on the other side of the world from Ireland was awash with shamrocks and Guinness hats. St Patrick's Day is a national holiday in Ireland and a celebration famous across the globe. But… Continue reading St Patrick and the power of the gospel

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Hero-worship & our need of humility

Many in the Church have been rocked by the confirmations of serious and sustained sexual abuse which have emerged from the investigation into the Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias. An independent report laid bare decades of his coercive and abusive behaviour which have caused untold damage to victims.  There have been similar reactions to the disclosures… Continue reading Hero-worship & our need of humility

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Men and the menopause (and other period-dramas)

I will never forget a trip to the supermarket with my Mum when I was about 12. As we unpacked the trolley, I held up one item and said quite loudly ‘What kind of towels are these? They’re tiny!’ The cashier suppressed a laugh and my Mum looked a bit embarrassed. ‘I’ll tell you about… Continue reading Men and the menopause (and other period-dramas)

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20 years on: how faith has changed

In 1996 I started attending an inner city church which had been planted by the Church of England into a former pub. The congregation was mainly people in a similar stage of life and the church had a vibrancy and authenticity I really appreciated. I attended the evening services each week with expectation and excitement… Continue reading 20 years on: how faith has changed

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‘The Hill We Climb’: a new expression of an ancient message

In the past few months various high-profile ‘Christian Prophets’ confidently predicted a Trump win. Some have apologised, some cling to conspiracies which they believe prove they were actually right.  All of this nonsense does the Church no credit. But God works in mysterious ways. And in the heart of the inauguration ceremony, we witnessed a… Continue reading ‘The Hill We Climb’: a new expression of an ancient message


Possessed by a cult of ‘Christian’ nationalism

For many people the Christian support for Donald Trump is one of the most mystifying and worrying aspects of US politics. It was no surprise to see Jesus banners amongst those carried by those who stormed the Capitol building. Four years ago, an old school friend, Nick Miles, wrote a guest post on why he,… Continue reading Possessed by a cult of ‘Christian’ nationalism