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Taking the hand-brake off

Last summer Ben Stokes took over a failing England cricket team and went full-throttle in pursuit of a completely different way of playing. The dramatic turnaround has been incredible. The new, hyper-attacking approach is like nothing seen before in the history of Test cricket. England have broken numerous records and have won 7 of their… Continue reading Taking the hand-brake off


Football’s collusion with betting is gambling with people’s lives

There has probably never been a global sporting event surrounded by as much ethical controversy as the current FIFA World Cup in Qatar.  In many people's eyes, the whole event is the most blatant illustration of football’s capitulation to greed and corruption. The important discussions on the conditions for immigrant construction workers, the human rights… Continue reading Football’s collusion with betting is gambling with people’s lives

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Learning from difficult times: 9 lessons in leadership

This post is adapted from a talk I gave recently for Homeless Link to a group of CEOs and senior managers who lead homelessness charities. In the winter 2014/15, I went through a difficult time in the charity I led.   We hit a crisis in one of our main residential services due to some… Continue reading Learning from difficult times: 9 lessons in leadership


Hollywood homelessness & festive sentimentality

If you are involved with charity which helps people affected by homelessness, then you will be bracing yourself for the busiest time of the year. Whilst there remains huge challenges to reduce the numbers of people sleeping rough, the busyness of this season is not necessarily because the number of people coming to the services… Continue reading Hollywood homelessness & festive sentimentality

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Mixed-blessings & semi-skimmed faith

Every week, church buildings across the country host thousands of community projects: food banks, lunch clubs, parent & toddler groups and a host of work for people affected by loneliness, homelessness and poverty. But of course, just because these projects are church-based, it does not mean that all the volunteers are committed Christians. A huge… Continue reading Mixed-blessings & semi-skimmed faith

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Beliefs + Action = Faith

I saw this quote shared on social media yesterday: Reading the quote provoked me go back to the Sermon on the Mount and read it right through (Matthew 5-7). By my judgement this statement is accurate. The longest continuous section of Jesus’ teaching in the Bible is indeed incredibly action-oriented. The priority of action The… Continue reading Beliefs + Action = Faith

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‘Endurance inspired by hope’: strong roots for social action

A few years ago an atheist friend of mine who worked for a homelessness charity said to me:  ‘My motives are purer than yours.  I do this work simply to help people, you do it so you can get into heaven.’ I did my best to explain that while I am motivated by my faith, I have… Continue reading ‘Endurance inspired by hope’: strong roots for social action


‘What do you want me to do for you?’ The empowerment of Bartimaeus

In Mark’s account of Jesus’ final journey to Jerusalem, two disciples, brothers James and John come to Jesus with a request. Jesus says: 'What do you want me to do for you?' It turns out their request is do with securing their own prestige and status. This then triggers a wider argument among the other… Continue reading ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ The empowerment of Bartimaeus

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Faith which puts Hope into Action I am excited to share that I have a new job. In January, I will be joining Hope into Action as their new Chief Executive. I have loved my work over the last 4 years, advising on how churches and faith groups respond to homelessness in the government’s Rough Sleeping Initiative. This period has seen… Continue reading Faith which puts Hope into Action