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Public Statement from Global Personals

This week I received two letters from Global Personals lawyers.  

One invited me to a meeting and the other included the following statement:

Global Personals Ltd is a software and services provider.

Our business creates the platform upon which thousands of online dating sites with millions of members around the world can be built/created.  The majority of these sites are individually and privately owned and managed by their website owners.

Whilst we provide services such as the dating software and customer care, including monitoring of activity within these sites to protect users, the individual website owners are solely responsible for their website brand, design, marketing and/or advertising.

It is not for us to have an opinion upon the motivations of people who choose to subscribe to any of the dating websites operating on our network; nor upon those who choose to build an online dating site using our platform, as long as they operate within the law to only involve consenting adults.

Global Personals Ltd, 4 October 2011

In this statement Global Personals are trying to distance themselves from the websites they run and focus everything on the brand partner they are working with.   Their lawyers actually state that Global Personals “has very little to do with the site complained of by you and your agents.”

But the phrase “very little to do with the site” contradicts the information on the affairsdating website where under ‘Company Information’ it states the following: is run by Global Personals Limited, a UK company specializing in the development of online dating websites for the singles community. For all media enquiries, please email, who will be able to assist. This site is powered by, a powerful cross-platform dating solution which can be integrated with other websites.

According to the actual website in question, Global Personals ‘run’ the affairsdating website and it is ‘powered’ by their systems.  If you have any enquiries about affairsdating where do you go?  Yep, you’re right: Global Personals. 

Is it acceptable to claim that you have no responsibility over a website when the site itself says that you run it and you provide all the technical framework, the service support and customer care?  ‘Affairsdating’ is just a brand name – its not even a registered company and could never do any of this without Global Personals. 

Receiving long letters from lawyers is not fun but its important that we focus on what is really going on in this situation.  Global Personals run and profit from websites which encourage people to cheat on their partners.

What we are doing now

A wide range of organisations and people are involved in this and we had a great meeting last night to discuss how we will be moving forward with the campaign. We’ll announce some developments and a new Facebook page very soon.  Please get involved – we have an opportunity to show that faithfulness matters and we don’t want people to make money from breaking up relationships.

10 thoughts on “Public Statement from Global Personals”

  1. Just been looking at some of the other Global Personals websites which encourage people to have affairs – the wording below is taken from their ‘Marital Affair’ website:

    MaritalAffair Member Privacy Policy
    Last updated on Monday 8th August, 2011

    For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 we confirm that the proprietor and operator of the MaritalAffair website (the “Website”) and the dating and networking service offered via the site (the “Service”) is Global Personals Limited, a company registered under the laws of England, whose registered office is Minton Place, Victoria Street, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1EG (“we,” “us,” “our” or “Global Personals”). Global Personals can be contacted via the contact section on the Website or by writing to our registered address.


  2. from australia I paid for a site and was debited from global personals,and given a member nu,mber,but then the scene changed and I could no longer make contact at all


  3. Global Personals and the person or persons who founded it and make the rules re refunds at their dating sites, are, in my opinion, RUTHLESS, CALCULATING CONMEN, who lie to get you to join their sites and once you have made the big mistake of giving them your bank account details, getting them off your back, even after phoning to cancel your membership, is like trying to remove a leach – very difficult indeed. I have found their staff to be the most ignorant of any organization I have dealt with in 40 years and they appear to have just one objective – to deny you a refund of any kind and even when it`s on record you have been in touch to cancel your membership (The Silver Pond). BEWARE – do not deal with this company or make the fatal mistake of giving these blood-suckers your personal bank details.

    I will be posting at Rip-Off Report and every other major scam warning site, full details of my dealing with these FRAUDSTERS and I have no doubts it will cost them, in the long-run, hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost memberships and will also save many would-be victims, the trouble and stress I`ve had in dealing with their corrupt staff.


  4. Just found out that this aforementioned company have debited my bank account twice in the last 2 months. I have absolutely no idea how they can get away with this. I have been in contact with my bank who say that I have to dispute the subscription which I’m apparently paying for. This is outrageous!


    1. Get you bank to stop the payment I did and they stop them and refunded all the charges and stopped all re accruing chargers from global personal


  5. The below is a message I just sent to Ross Williams and to Bill Richards who are the key men at Global Personals. it would appear they are prepared to take your money and still not give you access to the site. This company is unscrupulous and something should be done to investigate them, I bet they don’t even pay the right tax to the Government. Can someone tell me if this is a criminal act they have committed by taking the money from my debit card then not granting access.

    Hello could someone in senior management please respond back to me let me know this is being investigated, I assume the debit card has been debited as this was the message on the screen and I received 2 acknowledgements stating Welcome to Full Membership, yet when I tried to log on it said the e-mail address was not recognised. Please confirm back that either I get the access as per my subscription payment or I get a complete refund on the payment which I took for 6 months subscription.


  6. I have a situation where they are clearly in breach of the 1988 data protection act. And currently await response from a major law company to advice on how to proceed to court. if anybody would like to earn the same liable action then contact me and I will enlighten as to how I became a victim of cloned personal information without consent.
    thank you and stay safe.


  7. Morally I didn’t think it was acceptable, but I’d just arrived in a new role and I’d worked my notice in my last job so it was get on with it or be unemployed. Most innocent users had no idea that the flirtatious messages in their inbox came from a fake profile created by Global Personals.


    1. So global personals are creating fake profiles also, not just hackers????
      I have just had my account hacked, support wouldn’t help ,they kept saying it was fine until 50 odd fake messages had been sent out. then they took a 6mth payment without authorisation and the manager told me I must have authorised it as they don’t have my bank detail, I definitely did not especially as I was locked out of my membership at the time. She then hung up on me mid conversation and tried to refused to come back to the phone. When I asked for number to complain she asked me what the problem was that I wanted to complain about, I asked if she was kidding and she told me there was no need to be rude!!!!!


  8. Dating fraud is a symptom of endemic UK corruption embraced by politics and suffused through all walks of British life. Global Personals / are currently trying to scam me but I am a long-time corruption ‘Don Quixote’ and they are due come-uppance. Please read academic reports: ‘How Corrupt is Britain’ (paperback)


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