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Steve Chalke speaking at WLM’s Annual Meeting

Regular readers of R&R will know that I often post articles which relate to my work at West London Mission.  We are part of the Methodist Church and run a wide range of social and community projects for people affected by homelessness, poverty and trauma. Activism and controversy One of the 'big characters' from WLM's… Continue reading Steve Chalke speaking at WLM’s Annual Meeting


Chalke and cheese: Oasis and the Evangelical Alliance

Just over 20 years ago I went to the Christian festival Spring Harvest for the first time.   One of the seminars I went to during the week was on ‘Green Issues’ and was part of a series entitled Soapbox.  The speaker was highly engaging and charismatic and I still vividly remember some of his lines: “Green… Continue reading Chalke and cheese: Oasis and the Evangelical Alliance


‘Goodwill on Fire’: Remembering Donald Soper

It was a great honour for me to be asked to preach the Annual 'Soper Sermon' at Hinde Street Methodist Church which remembers the life and ministry of Lord Donald Soper, who was Superintendent of the West London Mission (WLM) for over 40 years between 1936-1978. I never met Donald Soper but I have worked for… Continue reading ‘Goodwill on Fire’: Remembering Donald Soper


When Two Tribes Go To War

Over the last 10 years, through both my work with homeless people and in community development, I have worked with a wide range of different churches and with Christians who hold very different theological perspectives. Despite some encouraging signs around Christian unity, there remains a significant tribalism at work in the Church between conservative and liberal emphases.  We… Continue reading When Two Tribes Go To War