Six reasons why Hillary lost it – by Lizzie Schofield

Oh, Hillary! This was your election to lose, girl! Want to know what happened?

Let me make you some tea and share my wise, wise Briddish insights, because obviously if I ran for President of the USA I would do a way better job! Ready? Here’s where it all went wrong (imho).

1. Mudslinging: yes – you too

The Orange One said some outrageous things – correct. Calling him out on them – good. Throwing not just him, but his supporters under the bus with “the basket of deplorables” comment?  Bad.

You should have invested way more energy winning them over instead with your amazing and brilliant vision for New America.

2. Not listening to the opposition

Imagine for a minute, that Trump supporters are not racists, bigots, homophobes and haters. Imagine them saying  “I don’t hate anyone, I just don’t agree with your liberal agenda because…” Except they don’t get to finish their sentence because of the claxons of “Bigot! Homophobe! Hater!” going off in every direction.

Here’s the thing: if you tell people they’re bigots etc, they don’t generally hang their heads and say “You’re right. Thank you for re-educating me.” Instead they say “Why are you judging me? Who made you the High Priest of All Morality anyway? Didn’t I read something somewhere about ‘Let him who is without sin cast the first stone?’ Then they take out their frustration at the ballot box.

3. Not guaranteeing freedom of speech

This was a massive issue for many Christians which you completely overlooked. It comes up over again in the ‘Why Christians should vote for Trump’ videos on youtube. Most Christians I reckon (me, anyway) are anti-discrimination, and don’t want (for example) gay marriage to be repealed, but they do want reassurance that they can publicly express their convictions on marriage etc without losing their job. This should have been easy to do, so why didn’t you? It cost you politically – bigly.

4. Making the Presidency a feminist issue

Madeleine Albright said “there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” But why should I vote for a woman just because she’s a woman and I’m a woman?

Firstly, politicians shouldn’t talk about hell. Why bring eschatology into it? Why not just say “Vote for Hillary?”

Secondly, the whiff of hypocrisy: if a Christian Republican had said a sentence with “a special place in hell” in it, Democrats would never have let us hear the end of it.

Thirdly, why should I prioritise “helping out another woman” over what I think is best for my country, my Dad, my brothers, my husband, society, the economy etc etc? What is inherently most noble about the sisterhood that I should prioritise it? And there was too much banging on about the glass ceiling. Maggie Thatcher is the person to learn from here: she ignored the whole woman angle and let her political agenda do the talking (for good or ill.)

5. Convincingly unconvincing

Hillary, what are your actual political convictions? Because every time you open your mouth, it sounds like a press release entitled “What Hillary should say now to make her sound convincing.” Love him or hate him, the Donald at least came across as a straight talker. In this regard, Bernie Sanders would have been a way better match.

image6. THAT slogan

“Stronger together”…..hmm, where have I heard that before? Sounds a bit like “Stronger in”, doesn’t it? ‘Cos that was a real winner round our way.

On this issue, a picture paints a thousand words:

Lizzie Schofield lives in London, works for Pfander Apologetics

2 thoughts on “Six reasons why Hillary lost it – by Lizzie Schofield”

  1. Good article Lizzie. Just one quibble. Opposing ‘gay marriage’ is not discrimination if marriage is by definition a heterosexual thing. This is the crux of the issue in this case – not discrimination. If opposing ‘gay marriage’ is held up as discrimination (as you imply), giving people a right to be ‘discriminatory’ (by voicing opposition to ‘gay marriage’) is problematic so Hillary was simply being consistent (according to her view of marriage) in this area.


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