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‘He was a nuisance then and he’s a nuisance now’

jesus_che‘He was a nuisance then’ said Braddock ‘and he’s a nuisance now. He won’t let you work out cosy little systems and call ’em “churches”, and he won’t let you get away with having four meetings a week to discuss what you’re going to do in next week’s meetings. If that’s what you want, you’ll find Jesus a real pain in the neck.

He says awkward, difficult things, like “Love your enemies”, and “Invite the people who really need it to dinner”, and “Love God before anything else”. He’s terrible like that.

They couldn’t pin him down then, and you can’t pin him down now, but I’ll tell you something…’ 

Braddock leaned forward in his chair and stabbed the air with his pipe stem. His eyes filled with excitement…

‘…if you want to pay the cost, there’s no-one else worth following, and nothing else worth doing!”

Text taken from The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass (Marshall Pickering, 1987)

2 thoughts on “‘He was a nuisance then and he’s a nuisance now’”

  1. Thanks Stephanie – I must confess that I love them too. I just re-read the Sacred Diary again and loved it that’s why I thought I would re-produce this section. I think there is something brilliant about the way he writes because it mocks the church in the right way but also affirms it in the right way too.


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