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Welcome to this site.  I decided to set this up mainly to store the various articles that I have written on issues of faith and social justice.

Thanks for visiting and please give me any feedback about how helpful this site is.

thanks,  Jon K

4 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. I love that you have got this site up and running. What a brilliant idea x Great article about the wedding tomorrow.
    I am in tonight immersing myself in wedding prep madness ” I can confirm the fish has arrived a the palace” and all that clap trap.
    Also tuned into don’t tell the bride. A programme which today captured entirely what you were commenting on as the bride refused to wear the dress the groom has chosen and demanded he bought her another one or else ruin her day/life/universe etc.
    However, silly that the programme is, I have caught it another time (it is compelling viewing) and love wins through in a very heartfelt “it doesn’t matter what he has organised because I love him and that is all that counts….” kind of way and then my faith in humanity and relationships and love is restored! x x Debs x


    1. thanks Debs – thanks for your encouragement – much appreciated. Phil H read the site and said he found out loads about me he didn’t know. take care and speak soon.


  2. John – Hello!

    Thank you for inviting me in to view your site. Your “take” on Weddings had much good sense and was very thought stimulating. I shall return again soon. Best Regards. Tony Brady.


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