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Lent: the best time for a bit of R&R

Today is Shrove Tuesday so tomorrow Lent will begin.  At a church we visited on Sunday, the minister spoke about Lent as ‘a time of preparation for Easter, the most important Christian festival’.  My 7 year old son Tom turned to me aghast and said (a bit too loudly) "Easter?  More important than Christmas? I think Christmas is loads… Continue reading Lent: the best time for a bit of R&R

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Bitter sweet celebrations

Its been a great Easter weekend. Obviously the amazing weather helped - but there were deeper reasons - and a lot of it for me was connected to how I used Lent.  I have never really 'done Lent' before but I have been very challenged by how some of my neighbours mark Ramadan.  So this year I… Continue reading Bitter sweet celebrations