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The 7 Deadly Sins of Managing People Badly…

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Another letter from a senior to a junior devil… (with apologies to C.S. Lewis)

My dear Wormwood,

I write to you today on the subject of managing people – the art of supporting and encouraging people to do their job well. As you know, churches and Christian organisationsare employing an increasing numbers of paid staff.

Now, even us devils know that to do our jobs well we need to be encouraged, so by helping the church to be ineffective in supporting its staff we will help our cause enormously.

We know that many Christians enter these jobs full of naïve enthusiasm. Dangerously, many even have a sense of ‘mission’, a desire to transform and bring so-called ‘hope’ to individuals and to the communities in which they work. Clearly this could be a disaster for us.

It is fortunate for us that bad management often undermines their enthusiasm and effectiveness…

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3 thoughts on “The 7 Deadly Sins of Managing People Badly…”

  1. Ah, but it is not just churches so poorly managed. What you highlight here (i.e. in the original post) is true of most entities in the corporate world. I shouldn’t complain as corporate dysfunction has kept me in employment now for many years, helping people navigate through it, and occasionally cleaning it up. Still, I’d prefer it if the job I do didn’t exist. Thanks for holding this up to the light, again. It needs to be seen.


    1. Sure – I am aware these issues go way beyond the church. I guess I wanted to use a well-loved book genre that the church understands to get the specific issues discussed more within church

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