Homelessness: have we lost our Christianity in our caring? 24th April, central London

Christian distinctiveness in helping people who are homeless

Many churches acknowledge the importance of helping people who are homeless. Nationwide there are over 100 Night Shelter networks and churches make up the vast majority of the venues. Also many of the larger, established homeless agencies have Christian roots.

But, confidently integrating faith alongside our practical care is challenging and complex.

In 2011, a report Lost and Found was published, by the secular agency Lemos & Crane, on faith and spirituality among homeless people.  One of its conclusions was that many homelessness agencies, even ones with a Christian basis, marginalise the relevance of spirituality.  In contrast, their research found that for people who are homeless, issues of faith and spirituality was important.

This event will explore the integration between faith and the action it inspires.  Hosted by the London District of the Methodist Churchit will be interactive and will include 4 short talks which will provoke discussion on the theme.  I will giving one of the talks and WLM’s chaplain, Ruth Bottoms, will be giving another.

It is aimed at ministers, volunteers and professional staff who work alongside homeless or vulnerable people.

  • Free
  • 24th April, 2.00-4.30pm
  • Hinde Street Methodist Church, close to Bond Street/ Oxford Circus tube
  • To book a place: visit our Eventbrite page

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2 thoughts on “Homelessness: have we lost our Christianity in our caring? 24th April, central London”

  1. I am not able to travel down from the Midlands for this event but I wish you every success. I wonder if one of our problems is that many in the churches lack confidence in their own spirituality? The main emphasis in many churches is maintaining friendships and keeping the roof on. Both are worthy in themselves but fail to connect to those who still arrive in our churches in search of meaning and purpose.


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