All right-thinking people should now boycott The Daily Mail

Last year, I wrote a post arguing that Christians should lead the way in a boycott The Daily Mail due to its campaign against overseas aid.

Today, The Mail has descended further into the pit of the worst type of journalism with this incredible election headline:

Daily Mail - RIchard Littlejohn

It is simply incredible that any newspaper could use the tragic suffering of innocent children abused by a criminal as the basis for such a cheap headline.  It is barbarically insensitive.

I have today tried to log a complaint with the Independent Press Standards Association (IPSA) but the Editor’s Code of Practice is so restrictive that there are no categories under which a complaint could be filed.  Like the Advertising Standards Authority, it is another example of the toothless agencies which we end up with in this country because we believe in self-regulation.  It seems nothing has been learnt from the hacking scandals and the press remain free to do whatever they want.

I think The Daily Mail is the most dangerous newspaper in the country, because it spreads a toxic brand of pious-sounding poison.  I do not write this because of its political perspective but because of the repugnant and hypocritical way it points the finger at everyone else whilst behaving so poorly itself.

I simply do not understand people who continue to buy it, especially those who profess to be Christians. We can make complaints, but the best decision is for right-thinking people (in both senses of the word) to commit to no longer buying this odious publication.

Know a Mail reader? Share this article with them and see what they think…

On a more light-hearted note, they may enjoy The Daily Mail Song:

16 thoughts on “All right-thinking people should now boycott The Daily Mail”

    1. As the person who wrote it, I won’t be following your advice – although I don’t think I have ever called anyone a fascist since I was a teenager. Just to be clear – I am talking about not buying a newspaper – what has anyone killing themselves got to do with it?


      1. Because a person who believes that it is all right to compare someone they disagree with to the Nazis or fascists, but not to compare someone to a paedophile, has no worth. Such a person would only be capable of one moral act, namely to kill themselves immediately.


    2. I’ve tried – really tried – to find any intelligent or logical connection between David Young’s comment and the original article. I’m afraid there isn’t one. I understand from your FB page David that your sympathies are with the right wing of politics, but this is an issue about truth, fairness and decency, not about politics. I wonder why you are so apparently defensive about ‘Nazis and Fascists’; I wonder if you share the Daily Mail’s obvious contempt for the biblical principles of doing justice and loving mercy, of defending and supporting the fatherless, the widows and the aliens. Thank you, nevertheless, for encouraging Jon Kuhrt to decide not to kill himself – that, at least, is a positive achievement!


  1. So good, at last, to hear of Christian leaders taking on our, wrongly called, “free press”. It is only free to the rich and powerful with vested interests


  2. Good on you John

    Got to say though todays Sun wasn’t much better.

    Your papers here are crazy.

    Hey mate after all our great efforts to catch up I have to bail out on Friday

    I leave tomorrow night for OZ.

    My aunt died last Sunday night. She was my mum’s best friend and she always wanted me to preach at her funeral.

    She was the one who saw me and had a faith. The whole wider family will be there.

    But I was still keen to catch up with you and wondered if it was possible to catch up with you before I go away again for a bit

    You free on either Saturday or Sunday the 16th/17th for a coffee somewhere in Stratham?

    If not we can catch up when I am around again from early June.

    Sorry about this mate.

    Looking forward to seeing you…sometime!



  3. This “THING” written in this “Abuse Paper” has made me feel sick. How I would love to meet the animal called littlejohn and…………………………..


  4. Many people have no thought to what they say and how much dross they spout:- as if it doesn’t do any harm or they should be “allowed” to spout because it’s their right. Freedom of expression yes. Being nasty:- well, you’re just nasty. No bonus points for you, no big reward, you win nothing, you gain nothing. Go do something nice instead.

    Newspapers headlines like the above and spouters of filth such as Katie Hopkins should be studiously ignored for the “opinions” they blast that need no air.


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