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When the church leaves the building (for real this time)

My last post shared a great clip from a Hollywood film which featured a powerful example of the church sharing its message beyond the doors of its building.

But at the end of the day, it is a film clip.  It’s not actually real.

So, its great to share another video of a real example of the church getting out of its building and taking its message into the community. And what is even better is that this is a story about something that the church has done in my local community, involving my friends and family.

It may not have Marlon Brando in it,  but it does feature my wife…

2 thoughts on “When the church leaves the building (for real this time)”

  1. Great Idea lovely video cing so many people enjoying what looked a fantastic few days. just shows how a church can work in getting a message out there. well done Nikki the BBC awaits


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