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Global Personals marriage break up websites campaign update Day 2:

A big thanks to everyone who has got involved in this campaign to stop Global Personals advertising their marriage break-up websites publicly.  Click here to read the Open letter to Ross Williams, CEO of Global personals.

Its a bit harder to get a campaign going when we are not sharing the address of the actual website.  We could have got a lot more coverage and made a bigger splash by disclosing the whole thing and providing weblinks to it.  But this would have been playing into the hands of Global Personals – this is what they want so we do their advertising for them.

Instead our key aims are:

  • To connect Global Personals’ brand name as closely as possible to the marriage break-up web sites that they run
  • To engage their staff and other stakeholders with our concerns 

1) Over 4000 people have read the open letter.    Please circulate it to friends via Facebook and retweet it as much as possible and if anyone has any media contacts, please send them a link to the letter. 

2) Please ‘like’ the facebook page and then post up on the page any action you have taken or any message. When people see the group growing this encourages more to get involved.

3) Loads of people phoned the Global Personals office yesterday on +44 (0)1753 27 12 80. Remember, Global Personals DO run this affairs site – so don’t be put off anyone saying anything about ‘other parties’.

4) Stay in touch.  I was contacted by a well-known campaigning organisation who want to help us as they believe this is an important issue.   I am meeting with them in Westminster tomorrow…

Thanks again for getting involved.  I have been really encouraged by the reactions – people are sickened by the presence of these adverts and I have been inspired by some of the messages I have been sent.  Let’s keep going!

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