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Tom Wright For Everyone by Stephen Kuhrt

I am excited about my brother’s new book Tom Wright For Everyone: Putting the theology of N.T. Wright into practice in the Local Church which has just been published by SPCK.

I will not attempt an impartial review but I do think its going to be prove to be a significant book.   NT Wright is one of the most important theologians in the world today but despite the popularity of his books, Stephen is concerned by the way many within the church have not fully engaged with the perspectives and challenge he brings.

The book is split into 2 main parts – the first section gives a introduction and summary of major themes in Wright’s theology.  The second section focusses on how Stephen, as a vicar has sought to apply this theology in the church and parish where he ministers.  This integration between theology and real practice is the core strength of the book and the reason why so many people will find it helpful.

I know he’s my brother but I would really recommend it!  You can buy it from the SPCK website or obviously via Amazon.

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