Reflections & Poetry

Saturday – by Cathy Westby

And here we stand
And here we live
Shell shocked, heart bruised, exhausted
By the losses we have witnessed
And the pain we have felt.

We hold tight,
To the promise of tomorrow.
We declare
Through gritted teeth
The faithfulness we know to be true

And tomorrow will come
With its bright new freedoms
And hope for ahead
We will sing, and laugh
And dance together again.
Even with our battered hearts.

But for now.
Here we sit.
By the graveside.
Stone still firmly in place.

And for some
Here we stay.

Not quite ready to confront
In all its glory

Still knelt on bruised knees and tear stained soul
We cannot bring ourselves to look straight in the face of beauty
Overwhelmed by the ugliness we have seen,
Not least within ourselves.

For we, who stand
Who live in Saturday

Know that before the dawn of all to come
He stands with us.
By the tomb.
For as long as we need to stay.

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