We CAN make a difference to homeless people – by Danny Kuhrt (aged 11)

Danny K Sleep outHomelessness is a man-made issue. Just like pollution, we have started it so we have to help end it.

People are living on the streets, having a nightmare life.  We cannot sit here and pretend it’s not happening.

I can’t imagine living on the streets, being insecure, always having to worry where you are going to sleep that night, or what people are going to think of you. None of us would want it to happen to us or someone we love.

Why does homelessness happen when there is enough resourses, money and land to get everyone a place to live?

Changing people’s lives

What West London Day Centre are doing is vital. They are getting people of the streets every week, and are literally changing people’s lives. They work so hard to get people in to jobs, accommodation and out of Homelessness.

The centre provides breakfast, showers, clothing, laundry and healthcare. As well as that they get advice and support to solve their problems. Money is needed though.

Our Sleep Out

To make a difference, my dad and I are sleeping rough on the streets on Friday the 10th of October (this Friday!)

Donations would be FANTASTIC and you can donate via our justgiving page.  We are trying to raise £1000 and 100% of the money will go to the day centre’s work. Let’s make a difference in the world!

Sponsor Danny for the West London Day Centre Sleep-Out here

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