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Is war a necessary evil? – by Danny Kuhrt (aged 11)

WAR NECCASARY EVILWar is the worst thing known to man. People dying at terrifying rates. The Chance of dying at any second. It is a horrible thing. Yet, sometimes it is necessary. You cannot let sometime storm into your country, kill everyone, abuse you and become powerful for being evil. When Hitler invaded Poland, they couldn’t just stand there and let it happen. It would have been a bloodbath. There is one thing worse than war: Massacre

If one person invaded the world and no one fought one person would have complete control. You must fight back. Or, if it is impossible to win, surrender. War is necessary. For example if the allies hadn’t beaten Germany in WW2 Jews would have been hunted out of existence. The Eradication of a race. That is massacre.

A war has a terrible consequence on everyone, even slightly. If the front line is on your land or in your city you are very likely to get caught in the crossfire. If your country is in the war you will either have to go or see loved ones go. You also have to suffer either bombing or the threat of it. Lastly, everyone else in the world is put under threat and their politicians have to make the tough decision: should we join in, and if we do, who should we support?

The dictionary definition of war is fighting, but it is so much more than that. It is sadness. It is worry. It is dread. It is so much more than fighting. War must be avoided unless it’s desperate. It is a nightmare that we, as the most intelligent species on the planet, should be able to avoid. But if there is a madman like Napoleon or Hitler it is necessary. It is Evil. That is the answer to the question, but it can be necessary in dire times where common sense deserts people. We must put our every attention into preventing the things that lead to war: rivalry, tension, idiots and the desperation to have power.

War is evil. But we can avoid it. If we all work together and be smart, we can prevent it.

Danny Kuhrt lives in Streatham.  This essay was a homework assignment from his school, St Mark’s C of E Academy, Mitcham.  

5 thoughts on “Is war a necessary evil? – by Danny Kuhrt (aged 11)”

  1. Well done Danny. You have answered the question clearly with logic and with feeling. I am glad you have also added a positive sentence about ways we can try to avoid war. I look forward to reading more of your essays.


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