Why I am sleeping outdoors to help homeless people – by Tom Kuhrt (aged 8)

I think that homelessness is cruel.

Shouldn’t all people have houses and bedrooms? (and of course TVs)

When I am in London I see quite a few homeless people.  I even saw some people living on the streets when I went to France.

This is why I am doing a sleep-out to raise money for the West London Day Centre who help homeless people.

If you could donate some money then we could possibly save a few more people from living on the streets and they might at least get some shelter and some food.

So please donate – even a £1 will help!

You can donate here: Our Just Giving page.

(Note from my Dad: I will be with Tom so don’t worry, he’ll be safe!)

2 thoughts on “Why I am sleeping outdoors to help homeless people – by Tom Kuhrt (aged 8)”

  1. Great sentiments there Tom……. and a valiant effort for a good cause. I’ll be following the link to donate as a result.

    PS….. Tell Daddy to leave the mobile phone behind.


  2. Well done Tom. Do tell us how you get on.
    I am not sure that TV is essential to life!
    In the Big Issue this week there is an article from a woman who forgot to take her purse to work to buy her lunch. She said being hungry all day made her realise what it must be like to be homeless. She suggested we should all try doing that.


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