Contribute an article

Grace+Truth is keen to publish articles on how the Christian faith relates to transformation and social justice.  Please get in touch if you have an idea…

  • All proposed articles should ideally be around 600 words
  • We reserve the right to edit as required but will do this in consultation
  • Send proposed articles to Jon Kuhrt on

3 thoughts on “Contribute an article”

  1. Well (god) bless rev Molpesson and all those villagers for their courage…and instinctive love and sacrifice for their fellowman.
    What a pity their “god of luv who created all things” sent nasty vicious evil virus in first place – ..
    And do nt try justify cos of mankind’s “original sin” – apart from the many loopholes in this fable, if u believe it then you hav to admut we are being punished by a loving forgiving god for something that happened at leasr 6000 years ago!
    Wake up and smell thr coffee…


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