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We cannot pretend this violence has nothing to do with religion

After the terrible events last night in Paris, I thought I would reblog this post from earlier this year as it seemed more relevant than ever.

Grace + Truth

islamic-violenceMy next door neighbour is a devout Muslim and he is the best neighbour that it is possible to have. He recently replaced the fence between our gardens. Not only did he refuse to accept any contribution from us for the cost of the new fence, but while we were away he came round and coated our side of the fence too.

Over the years, I have got to know him and we have talked about our different faiths and what they mean to us.  There is no way that his generosity, kindness and essential decency can be separated from his faith. His beliefs and action are integral to each other.

Religion that leads to violence

In an attempt to stem the flow of anti-Muslim sentiment after atrocities such as 9/11, or the murders of Lee Rigby or the Charlie Hebdo staff, it is common to hear people say ‘this has nothing to do with Islam’…

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1 thought on “We cannot pretend this violence has nothing to do with religion”

  1. I don’t think that religion does cause war on violence, by that I mean that people throughout history and to this day commit violent acts, whether in the name of religion, profit, communism, facism, other non-religious political movements. I agree with the drive of this piece, but not with the fact that these things have specifically to do with religion. I think the problem goes much deeper into the human condition, religion is a ( one of many ) justifications people use for their actions, and not necessarily the cause.


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